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This site is maintained by Mastique residents and is designed to be a communications center and an information resource for our residents. Check here often for updated information and new content.

To offer your comments, suggestions or to input news items, go to the "contact us" section on the left side of this page.

~ Community News ~
1st Cocktail Party of the Season
Posted on Aug 27th, 2017 Comments (0)
It's going to get cold up north and we will celebrate with our first cocktail party of the season on Saturday, September 23.   Details to follow.
Social Committee for 2017/2018
Posted on Aug 27th, 2017 Comments (0)
Monthly coordinators have been set for the coming social season as shown below:
June 2017:           Pat Romeo, Sharon Hunter
July 2017:            Sharon Hunter, Peggy Peterson
August 2017:        Nanci Byrne, Marcella                                         Ippolotiti, Patti Boehmer
September 2017:   John & Linda Schmidt, Peggy                              & Bob Peterson
October 2017:        Vicki & Bob Terry, Mary Ann                               & Tom VerShaw
November 2017:    Carolyn Benjamin,                                          Karen Linklater, Diane Fisher    
December 2017:     Carrie Lucas, Jean Near
January 2018:        Anne Bobo, Vicki Terry
February 2018:       Patty Keaney & Jolene Schulz
March 2018:           Patti Adams
April 2018:             Peggy Peterson & Carrie                                     Lucas
May 2018:             Penny & Jim Hetmanek, Ted                                 & Carolyn Benjamin
Check with Peggy Peterson (pjp37@comcast.net) or 239.672.9106 for more information, questions or any adjustments.
Pool Safety Issue
Posted on Jul 26th, 2017 Comments (0)
There have been increased complaints regarding safety issues at our pool.  Continued actions may result in the pool being shut down for an extended period.   You can help by understanding issues and options.
Glass containers at pool side
Individuals have been observed using glass containers in the pool, spa and on the pool deck within 50 feet of the pool or spa.   Although they have been asked to refrain, they have continued.  Many pool users are barefoot and broken glass can cause major slashes.  If broken glass is in the pool, it has to be shut down and drained.  This process takes several days. The pool is expensive to refill, its 80,000 gallons. 
Soft drinks or water in non-breakable containers are allowed outside a four foot perimeter of the pool, commonly known as a “wet deck”.
Children diving in the pool
Several children have been observed diving in the pool while their guardians watched.    Our pool is not a diving pool and serious injuries will result if a child’s head hits bottom.
Food on the pool deck
Food is not allowed on the pool wet deck or in the pool or spa.   Many individuals continue to eat while in the pool, spa or on the wet deck.   If food is in the pool water, it may be shut down and drained.  This process may take several days.
You can help- The board will follow its fining process
Confronting individuals that violate our pool rules is an uncomfortable process.   Here is what you can do:
  1. Take a picture of the issue -- it is best to take a picture including the individual(s) face.  Send an email to Celeste Sheeran at celestes.pmmgt@gmail.com.  Include any descriptive information such as the issue, date and time. 
  2. Send a complaint through our website www.mastique.org.   Click on “contact us” on the upper left hand side of home page.   The first issue is “pool issues”.   Send information on issue, who, what and when.
The board will follow its fining process to deter individuals from continuing to violate safety issues.
Working together we will make our pool area a comfortable place to enjoy.
~ Upcoming Events ~
Cocktail Party - CANCELED
Saturday, September 23rd, 6pm at Mastique Clubhouse
All are welcome.  BYOB and glasses