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How to Contact Mastique for Action
Posted on Jul 7th, 2018 Comments (0)
If you need action on an issue at Mastique, a most efficient way is to click on "Contact Us."
A new screen will appear.  At the top is a "send to" box.  Use the up or down arrows there and a list will appear of the several categories available.  Choose the one you want and fill in your issue in "How can we help you."  Maintenance is one of the categories.
An email will be sent, with what you wrote, to the individual who has the responsibility for that category.  
Hurricanes and Mastique
Posted on Jun 7th, 2018 Comments (0)
Our property management company, P&M, has, along with Lee County Emergency Management issued a letter with guidance on the following:
  • Resident Evacuation Plans and Options
  • Emergency Preparations
  • After the Storm
Take the time to review this information at - P&M Property Management Hurricane Information
Tell Me About Bunche Beach Preserve
Posted on May 27th, 2018 Comments (0)
Mastique is surrounded on 3 sides by the 700+ acre wetland preserve known as the Bunche Beach Preserve.  Because this preserve has never been developed, it is unique, in southwest Florida. The majority of the Preserve is mangrove swamp with mangrove tunnels and small creeks. The main attraction is the gently sloping beach and calm surf. The entire preserve is considered to be in pristine condition.  And, as you might expect, this is a haven for local wildlife, particularly birds.
The following is an article written by Charles Sobczak that appeared on September 17, 2014 in the Fort Myers Florida Weekly:
M2 Draft Minutes of Meeting on 4/11/18
Posted on May 2nd, 2018 Comments (0)
Draft minutes of the M2 Board of Directors Meeting of 4/11/18 are now posted.  Owners can access the minutes by clicking on "Board Room" on the left side of this home page.