Hurricane Ian Recovery

Communications About
Hurricane Ian
Recovery and Cleanup
IMPORTANT - Posted October 2, 2022:
This is being sent to:
Mastique II and Mastique Master Cabana / Exterior Garage owners
from Celeste
Short note to let you know that post hurricane…
  • I was onsite Friday and took photos for insurance.
  • I met with the insurance agent yesterday and we have begun the process of filing claims.
  • Due to the extensive damage to SW Florida, immediate temporary fixes will be done first.  
  • This will include holes in the roof will be tarped of have an temporary dry in repair.
  • Trees that fell and went through buildings will be addressed right away. 
  • Dryout as necessary has begun with clean out.  If you have a storage unit, please clean it out 
  • An engineer firm will be out to look at the building, cabanas, & exterior garages as well as the pump house, the clubhouse, and the docks and lake wall to confirm there is no structural issues from the water.  
  • Roofers have been notified for roof inspections of the tower and all outbuilding roofs.
  • Once the power is restored, elevators and fire systems will need to be inspected, as well as AC units and having condensers cleaned.  
  • Homeowners may want to have their AC units cleaned of hurricane debris, if needed.
  • Please note that buildings with no power also have no fire system in place, so if you have someplace to go until the power is restored, please do so.
  • Once power is restored, elevators and fire systems will be inspected completely.
  • Scott is working on the pool equipment and the pool cleaning.
  • Landscapers will begin to pick up debris and remove downed trees
  • Please make sure you file a claim with your homeowners insurance if you have damage to the inside of your unit.
  • I will followup as we move along. 
If you are not in Florida, please have a neighbor or your home-watch check inside your unit and clean out your refrigerator.
Thank you,

IMPORTANT - Posted September 30, 2022:  
Celeste cannot email, so we are posting here for now. (you should have also received an email from Linda)
  1. Please do not throw trash down the chute as there is no container in the trash room.
  2. Please don’t ask a board member or Scott to enter your storage unit.  The board or Scott can only go into common areas.
  3. To prevent mold, please cut away any wet carpeting from your floor and put it outside.
  4. We have preferred vendors and they will be working on the common areas.  You can get your own vendors, but they must be approved by Mastique. This is the time for crooks to take advantage of storm victims, so DON’T SIGN ANYTHING.
  5. Cleanup will not begin until we have power. 
Please stay tuned here for updates and watch your inboxes for email communiques.