Mastique Master Association will re-open the pool, spa and clubhouse
beginning Friday, May 1, 2020.


The CDC and local attorneys strongly recommend that exercise areas remain closed.  Therefore, in the best interest of all the residents and guests of Mastique, the Master Board has closed the exercise room to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
The clubhouse will remain open for individual use, but not for gatherings or groups.  It has been sanitized using a new system to kill all viruses and germs.  
Please follow CDC guidelines at all times.  For details - P&M's statement on reopening
We are not planning any social activities for now because of the virus. When we resume, there will be a calendar in the elevator giving dates and times.  (posted 4/22/2020)


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Mastique Property Manager - P&M Property Management 

New Address as of April 1                                                                                                         2830 Winkler Avenue, Suite 101, Fort Myers, FL 33916

Contact: Celeste Sheeran • 239.481.1577 ext 39  celestes.pmmgt@gmail.com

Mastique Office Hours:
Office is temporarily closed due to Covid-19. Contact Celeste by phone or email during this time.



Community News
New Access System Changes
Posted on Apr 16th, 2020
Our Mastique access system has been improved and changed: See details here: Mastique Access
Moisture in Bathroom Vents and Light Fixtures
Posted on Apr 15th, 2020
Some residents have been getting moisture in their bathroom vents and/or their light fixtures. This is being caused by the extremely hot, humid air blowing in from the south.  This air works its way through your exhaust fan, piping or the conduit that terminates in your south-facing lanai.  Stopping this air intrusion should eliminate the moisture problem. 
For details on a fix, read more:
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